Secure Vehicle Storage By Billy Boxes

    Until we were sent the press release for Billy Boxes, I was only familiar with Tuffy Security Products for secure vehicle storage.  I’ve always been nervous about an external box as I think it screams “Hey, I’ve got stuff in me, please check”.  I suppose if it is anchored well enough it is just as secure as a trunk, and something inside the cabin of the vehicle would generally result in a busted window.

    we’ve reimagined the truck bed toolbox with a host of thoughtfully designed features including LED lighting, audio, adjustable organization, firearm storage and more. Every box is made-to-order in one of 25 colors and handcrafted in Austin, Texas.


    They are a bit pricey, starting at $2100, and there are a few configuration options (adding in things audio and D-Rings).

    What do you readers think?  How do you secure valuables in your vehicle?  Does anyone have a Billy Box that would be willing to give as a heads up?

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