Gerber Short Stack AR Grip Tool

    The Gerber Short Stack is a compact AR-15 maintenance tool. It has 15 functions and fits inside a Magpul MOE/MIAD grip.

    • Windage Elevation Site Tool
    • Firing Pin Scraper
    • Buffer Tube Wrench
    • Cleaning Cable Pull Handle
    • 4MM Wrench
    • T10 Torx
    • #0 Cross Driver
    • Bolt Carrier & Bolt  Scraper
    • ½” Wrench
    • ¼” Wrench
    • 3/8” Wrench
    • ¾” Wrench
    • Fits Inside Magpul MOE and MIAD Grips
    • Made in USA


    The Gerber Short Stack retails for $54.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

    Any questions please email him at [email protected]