Man Stuffs AR-15 In His Pants

    Is that an AR-15 in your pants or are you an idiot? The answer to that question is a resounding yes for this criminal. Alvarez went into a pawnshop. Allegedly stuffed an AK-47 down his pants. Changed his mind and put it back. Just so he could stuff an AR-15 down his pants.

    First of all, any store that sells firearms should have their inventory locked down so it is not so easy to just grab them and stuff down one’s pants. All the gun stores I have been to, you have one on one time with a store employee so they are watching you and what you do with the firearm while you are looking at it.

    Secondly near the end of the video, the judge mentions that the perp has an injunction in New York that does not allow him to possess firearms. I am not sure if that means he has a felony in NY but what a surprise. A criminal is stealing something he is not supposed to have.

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