Build Your Own Miniature Musket

    The creativity of some people really impresses me.  While I’m not sure of the legality of this (in the US, would this qualify as an SBR?, it is pretty decent craftsmanship.  The poster (Youtube: pyroneph) even goes so far as to shape and oil the stock.  I could see staging a little war re-enactment with miniatures on a table top (or other such geeky imagining).  Just don’t put your eye out… 🙂

    I originally saw it posted on Imgur, but it looks like it was actually filmed a few years ago (below is the Youtube posting):

    He also has some other miniature gun creation videos (and one for a pocket katana, if that is your thing).  It just goes to show, a little bit of ingenuity goes a long way, and building simple firearms is really not all that difficult…

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