Wilson Combat Finance Program

    Wilson Combat seems to have just came out with a fiance program for those interested in buying high end 1911s (most likely their rifles as well, but it doesn’t explicitly say) and having a monthly payment would make things alot easier budget wise. This is an excerpt from the page-

    Wilson Combat is proud to partner with First National Bank of North Arkansas to offer you an easy and affordable financing option for your Wilson Combat purchase. Owning your dream gun has never been easier.

    Here’s how it works…

    1. Contact us via our online gun builder or on the phone to choose the gun and options you wish to purchase. You will be provided with the final cost of the firearm.
    2. Apply online here for financing. You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.
    3. Upon approval, First National Bank of North Arkansas will alert us to place your order. At this point no order cancellations or changes are possible.
    4. When your gun is ready to be built, we will confirm the gun build details during our “kit call.”
    5. Your gun will be built and sent to your FFL.

    It certainly is great to hear about banks actually partnering with gun companies instead of refusing to conduct business with them or flat out cancel accounts on them.


    An example of a payment plan as is featured on the webpage.

    Over on 1911FORUM.com, a Wilson Combat rep also announced it through a thread, there’s is a generous amount of comments and concerns going back and forth there as well. It is pretty up there at 12 percent interest though, as┬áseveral had commented. Wilson Combat had this to say-

    We do not make a dime off the interest on this program. We have merely worked with a local bank to offer the option in a professional fashion-we get at least one request a day for financing.

    This is simply a case of responding to customer demand.

    If you don’t like it, don’t finance a gun.


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