New Vepr Shotgun From K-Var

    Shotguns have long been favored by many gun owners for home defense and are also used by the military and law enforcement for tactical purposes. After all it isn’t just about the shotgun’s ability to punch a massive hole in its target, they’re also handy for breaching walls, blowing the locks off doors, and, with the right load, disabling vehicles. When it comes to compelling force, the shotgun is perhaps the most universally understood firearm. There’s never any doubt just what kind of damage a 12-gauge can inflict.

    K-Var says they have taken the personal defense aspect of shotguns a step beyond with their new Vepr 12, a shotgun with a folding stock. In addition to the folding stock this shotgun has RPK-style handguards, a Picatinny rail, and an adjustable cheekrest, among other features. The pistol grip allows for greater control and although the gun comes with a five-round magazine there are eight and ten-round magazines available as well. Read on for full details on the stock and other features and visit the website for images and purchasing information. The MSRP is $1499.


    From K-Var:

    We believe the Molot Vepr 12 is the finest personal protection shotgun in the world- and we aren’t alone. There are countless militaries, law enforcement agencies, and practical shooting competitors around the world that wouldn’t use anything else. Press the release button on the left side of the receiver, and the stock folds to the left locking up tightly against the receiver. The release is easy to access, ergonomic, and intuitive to use, but will not unlock accidentally. Our Vepr’s folding hinge is the original factory Molot unit- not a reverse engineered after-market poor quality piece of junk that is all too commonly encountered. To re-open the stock, press a spring loaded button at the back of the hinge mechanism. The stock easily folds open, and locks up very rigidly with no movement or wobble. There is an adjustable padded cheek piece that accommodates both left and right handed shooters, and this isn’t the only thing about the Vepr that’s ambidextrous; it also has an ambi-safety. The Vepr features a bolt hold open button to manually lock the bolt back. The bolt also locks back on an empty magazine. To release the bolt, either pull it back slightly or use the bolt release button. Magazines go in and out of the Vepr enlarged mag wll very easily, and do not require “rocking” them in as on the Saiga. Empty magazines drop free of the gun when released. Our Vepr 12 ships with 1- 5 round magazine.

    Quality, durability, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the Molot Vepr 12. Another example of this is the spring loaded pin on top of the dust cover latch. In must be depressed in order to push the button in and remove the top cover. This prevents the dust cover ever coming off if the gun is dropped or during recoil. The all important bolt of the shotgun is precisely machined steel- not a cast component as on other AK platform guns. The Vepr comes with a picatinny rail attached on the top of the dust cover for those wanting to use magnified or red-dot optics. If not, the Vepr 12 has the most easily adjustable rear sight of any shotgun. It offers tool-less repeatable adjustments for both elevation AND windage. A 19″ chrome lined externally threaded barrel (same thread as Saiga) with muzzle cap completes the gun, and allows easy attachment of flash hiders, muzzle brakes, chokes, and sound suppressors.

    Specifications; 12 gauge w/3″ chamber Weight w/o magazine- 6.85 lbs. Length- 40″ Length Folded- 29″ Magazine- Removable box 5 rounds Retail $1499 Dealer pricing available on request Contact K-Var at 702-364-8880 or

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