Chinese Reality TV Show Featuring Celebs with Guns

    Glenn, a reader from Malaysia told us about a new Chinese TV series called 真正男子汉 (“Takes a Real Man”) that looks like it is a Top Shot style show featuring Chinese celebrities training to be PLA soldiers.  Glenn wrote …

    A recently aired Chinese tv show called 真正男子汉 by Hunan Satellite TV (it also goes by the English title “Takes a Real Man”) features a number of interesting firearms. From what I can gather, this program consists of 6 local Chinese celebrities across different age groups who join a combat unit in the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces (which I think is the Yang Gensi Company, 162nd Division – 54th Group Army, Jinan Military Region based on the Jinan patch on their webbing, this was apparent upon noticing that their CO was a PLA Ground Forces captain).

    pla 2

    pla 3

    pla 4A number of firearms feature in this program such as the ubiquitous QBZ-95 assault rifle as well as the QBB-95 LSW. I was also able to spot a PF-98 120mm recoilless gun. Interestingly enough, the active duty personnel who were training the new recruits have their communication devices blurred over. I have attached some screenshots of the program.

    pla 5 pla 6

    Steve Johnson

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