New Apex Trigger For M&P Shield

    The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield is a popular gun with fans citing a number of reasons it’s become their top EDC choice as well as their favorite pick for range time. But even though it’s become one of the best-selling semi-autos out there, it’s still subject to aftermarket changes just like any other pistol. One common change made to pistols is dropping in a new trigger, and if you’re looking for an option from an established company with a solid reputation, take a look at Apex.

    Apex Tactical Specialties was founded with the purpose of serving the law enforcement community along with competition shooters, and, as their site is quick to point out, they also serve shooters who expect their guns to be more than “just adequate”. Basically, their goal is to provide serious shooters with the means needed to perform at a higher level, whether that means a LEO in need of a quick, reliable weapon or a private citizen looking to take their EDC to the next level.

    This particular trigger is made for the M&P Shield, and while the design itself is not brand new, the finish is. The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger is designed to reduce pre and over-travel by as much as 20% and lights trigger pull by two pounds. It’s understandably become a big seller for Apex, and the company realized releasing it in a new color could very well broaden their market substantially. Color on pistols is becoming increasingly popular, and adding a splash of color in just one area – say, the trigger – is a great option for shooters who don’t want their entire gun to be blatantly bright as well as shooters looking to coordinate between a colored aftermarket grip or custom slide plate and trigger. But with Apex they won’t just get a red anodized finish, they’ll get a high performance trigger.

    MSRP for stand-alone trigger $79.95. MSRP for trigger kit package $164.95.


    From Apex:

     In response to strong customer feedback, Apex Tactical Specialties announces the release of a red anodized version of the popular Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistol.

    Leading up to and during this year’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville, Apex showcased samples of the new Red M&P Shield Action Enhancement Trigger, featuring a black contrasting center mounted pivoting safety, asking customer for their input. Based on the positive feedback Apex has added the trigger to its growing catalog of aftermarket performance upgrade parts.

    “The response to the new red M&P Shield trigger from customers was just great. The Shield is a very popular pistol and during the NRA Show we sold out of all our Shield trigger kits midway through the second day, with many visiting our booth specifically requesting the red version we had on display,” explained Scott Folk, vice president at Apex Tactical Specialties.

    “Thanks to the great feedback from our customers and those visiting our booth during the NRA Show, Apex is pleased to add the new Red M&P Shield Action Enhancement Trigger to our product line.”

    The new Red M&P Shield Action Enhancement Trigger is available as a stand alone replacement trigger, part #100-057, for $79.95, or as part of the popular M&P Shield Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit package, part #100-056, for $164.95. Both are available now at and

    Features and Specifications:
    – Red anodized aluminum trigger
    – Full kit reduces trigger pull by approximately 2 lbs.
    – Smooth uptake and reset
    – Reduces pre-travel and over-travel
    – Reduced reset length
    – Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values
    – Apex Part #: 100-056 (Action Enhancement Trigger and Duty/Carry Kit)
    – Apex Part #: 100-057 (Action Enhancement Trigger)
    – MSRP: $164.95 for the Trigger and Duty/Carry Kit
    – MSRP: $79.95 for the Action Enhancement Trigger

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