LuckyGunner: How to Reload a Revolver

    Not a wheelgun fan myself, but that does not mean I lack for appreciation of those who run them really well. An admitted personal weakness has been getting the reloads down pat. With my muscle memory dedicated entirely to box-magazine fed handguns, the individual rounds or clips just have not agreed with me.

    LuckyGunner has stepped in to assist with the basics with a great video. Its below or hit up their LuckyGunner lounge for additional information. 

    Even if you’ve found a reloading technique that works well for you most of the time, there are still plenty of ways to fumble a revolver reload. Most of the issues you’ll run into are related to incomplete extraction of the spent cartridges. In the video, I mentioned that this is one of the weakness of the FBI technique, but it can happen with the other techniques as well. It’s also pretty common to have problems with getting all of the fresh cartridges to drop completely into the chambers. If even one of the shells is just slightly peeking out of its chamber, the cylinder won’t close and you’ll have to fix the issue before you can fire.

    Nathan S

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