Glock 43 Holsters From Bianchi

    For fans of Glocks and those simply eagerly awaiting the company’s single-stack 9mm, the arrival of the Glock 43 was a long time coming. Now that it’s here it’s selling faster than it can be stocked in gun stores, and all those Glocks need accessories. Perhaps the top accessory is holsters, and now Bianchi is coming out with models designed to fit the new 9mm.


    From Bianchi:

    Bianchi® announced today the addition of three concealment holster fits for the new Glock 43 handgun. Popular models such as the 100 Professional™, the 100T Professional™ Tuckable and the time-proven 4750 Triad™ are now available to order.

    For comfortable deep concealment, Bianchi offers two inside the waistband (IWB) carry holsters for the Glock 43 – the Model 100 Professional™ and the Model 100T Professional™ Tuckable. Both models are constructed of premium high-grade, full grain leather with a suede-lined exterior to provide a non-slip material against the body. The high-cut rear of the holster rides comfortably against the torso and eliminates discomfort associated with sharp-edges. The Model 100T includes a patent-pending C-clip design that has an adjustable cant for a customized draw and allows a shirt to be tucked in as needed.

    For ankle carry of Glock 43, Bianchi’s Model 4750 Triad Ankle Holster is a great option. The Triad ankle holster has three unique features – an Achilles arch that keeps the holster in position, a detachable ankle pad for maximum comfort and a compression strap design that pulls the butt of the gun into the calf to keep the firearm securely against the leg.

    All models are available now and are now available online at

    Model Size Description MSRP

    100 9A Professional Waistband Holster $57.00

    100T 9A Professional Tuckable Holster $64.00

    4750 12 Ranger Triad Ankle Holster $60.00

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