The Full Review of The Arsenal Double Barrel 1911

    Our good friend Andrew of GY6 Productions has published his full review of the Arsenal Double Barrel 1911. I published the teaser video last week, but this is the full review showing the first 500 rounds he fired through it. After watching Andrew break this pistol in (with emphasis on “break”), I can only wonder if the designers of this gun even bothered shooting it before sending it our for production. You don’t buy a gun like this for the ergonomics, but at the price it is selling for, between $4000 and $5000, some chamfering on the beavertail would be nice.

    When I published the teaser video I said this gun fired one round per trigger pull, I was wrong. It does fire two rounds per trigger pull. Maybe some of the legal eagles can explain in the comments how this gun is not a machine gun according to the BATFE interpretation of the NFA.

    Steve Johnson

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