NEW SF-308 Patrol Battle Rifle from Adams Arms

    Adams Arms is adding a .308 model to their “Small Frame” lineup: The Patrol Battle Rifle (PBR).

    An upgraded version of the small frame short-stroke piston AR-style rifle, this model includes the Samson Extended Evolution Rail, Magpul K2 Grip, and an enhanced sopmod-style buttstock. Over 50% of the rifle is reciprocal to standard AR-15 parts and accessories, making this a compact, reliable, and lightweight package with added rail space and options.


    CALIBER: .308 WIN
    BARREL: 16 Inches
    OA LENGTH: 33.75 inches
    WEIGHT: 8.15 pounds
    STOCK: Collapsible
    SIGHTS: Optional
    FINISH: Hardcoat anodized black
    CAPACITY: 20+1
    MSRP: $1,775.67

    They are using Voodoo Innovations Melonited Barrels and offering “Guaranteed Accuracy for Life” which is pretty amazing.  I’d like to find out what the numbers are for their accuracy measure (and what “life” is), and at what point they will replace the barrel (I think I’ve seen the barrels offered in the $250-$300 range?).  That could be a pretty good deal if you shoot a ton.  Does anyone here have experience with Adams Arms (or the Voodoo barrels)?

    You can find more information and see more pictures at:

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