Black Aces Tactical Shotgun

    Black Aces

    Black Aces Tactical (BAT) announced the release of a new 12 gauge shotgun that features an 8.5″ barrel and is fed by a detachable box magazine.

    According to BAT, the shotgun is classified as a standard firearm by the ATF and is not an AOW or short-barrel shotgun that requires any special tax stamps under the NFA.

    These pistol grip pumps have the following specs and features:

    • 12 gauge
    • 8.5″ barrel
    • 27″ OAL
    • SIG SB15 pistol brace (folding optional)
    • 10-round, detachable box magazine (5-round mags available as well)
    • Magpul RVG forward grip
    • multiple different Cerakote finishes available
    • MSRP $1,179

    Black Aces

    The intricacies of the National Firearms Act and related rules are not my area of expertise. Can someone chime in an clarify how this shotgun can avoid the tax stamps?

    Richard Johnson

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