Top 5 Most Awesomest Machineguns

    Shooting a machinegun will almost always put a smile on your face, but highlighted here are what we believe are some of the most fun. While getting trigger time behind one of these lead dispensers is awesome, paying for ammo isn’t!

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    – Hey guys this is Alex C. – And Patrick R.

    – We’re with another TFBTV video today with kind of an interesting category.

    Our category today is, well our five favorite machine guns to shoot, or as Patrick put, five awesome machine guns.

    – All machine guns are awesome but these were the top five for us.

    – Pretty much. If you’ve never shot a machine gun before and you shoot one, you’re gonna get what’s called the machine gun smile.

    I mean, Patrick when you were enlisted in the military, and they gave you a magazine and said “go full auto.” – Yeah, I mean it was good fun, but shooting it privately is a lot more fun.

    – Yeah, well sure. Although paying for them privately, the ammo is not nearly as fun as probably when the government is paying for it.

    – No, no. Thank you taxpayers.

    – Yeah, so thanks for training Patrick to defend our country and the other service men.

    Thank you guys for that.

    Anyways, so lets get on with the video.

    We’ve got what we think, we looked around and we kind of pulled from everyone we know and got these on the table for you guys, what we think are the most fun machine guns that, not just that we had access to, but some that we had to reach far and get on the table.

    We kind of came to consensus between us both and we both pretty much agreed on this.

    This was not a hard one to come to consensus with.

    So we’ll kick it off going from our left to your right.

    First one’s gonna be a full auto Glock.

    Now everyone knows about the Glock 18 being the Glock’s factory select fire Glock.

    However, most Glocks you see on Youtube and stuff that are full auto are gonna be converted 17s.

    Just like this one, this one’s got a legally installed auto sear on the back, that’s gonna be a post 86 dealer sample auto sear.

    There’s some rumors that there are registered legally transferable full auto sears on the market.

    – Yeah I’ve heard of one or two.

    – I’ve never actually seen one.

    – Nor have I. – I’d like to make that, I don’t think there are any. – I believe in the rumor.

    – Well, it’s a big deal. – Its okay to have hope.

    – Yeah, it’s okay to have hope.

    I like, I’d love the fact that they’re making some.

    – Yeah I agree. – But we also kind of wanted this to be a catch-all category.

    Realistically, any pistol that’s full auto is gonna provide as much, if not the same, more, less enjoyment than this gun.

    – Right, and unfortunately we weren’t able to get our hands on the 93R, but I would say that that’s probably more fun than this.

    – Yeah, our friends at TPM Outfitters have a dealer sample 93R and I’ve messed with it, I’ve not shot it, but it’s awesome guys.

    Larry Vickers just did a really cool video on the 93R.

    You could loop your thumb around the trigger guard and hold the foregrip so it’s just a little more user friendly than a Glock 18. – Right, and that’d be the reason why I think it might be a little bit more fun.

    – Yeah, and while Glocks can take a detachable shoulder stock, the 93R has one designed specifically for the 93R.

    – Downside to a 93R though, you can’t conceal carry it like you can this.

    – I wouldn’t conceal carry a full auto Glock I don’t think.

    We’ve both shot this at, what was that one day, 20 yards or so, probably. And we maybe landed a hit out of a 33 round mag on the target.

    – Well, you’re speaking of your time on the trigger.

    Just pulling and spraying and praying, but with some bursts it can be user friendly.

    I don’t know, but speaking of the 93R, maybe one day TPM Outfitters would be kind enough to go ahead and join us out at the range.

    – Yeah that’d be great fun, yeah absolutely.

    They run a good shop and they’d probably be willing to help us out. I’d love to do that.

    – I would hope so. – But in the meantime check out Larry Vickers’ video, it’s a good video.

    So anyways, full auto pistols, that’s damn fun machine guns.

    And of course the definition machine gun we’re using for this video is the ATF’s definition.

    – Anything that fires more than one shot with a trigger pull. – Exactly.

    If you wanna get pedantic a machine gun as defined by the military it’s gonna be a bigger, heavier– – Right, we’ll get to that in a minute.

    – We’ll get to that, but the next one we kind of got specific, it’s not a catch-all.

    We actually chose the HK MP5.

    Now the HK MP5 we chose just because not only is it iconic but recoil is low, ammunition’s cheap, and it doesn’t wander, you could hold all 30 rounds in the magazine on target with ease. – I hear ya.

    And I’ve shot this particular example at 100 yards several times, and even at 100 yards it’s an accurate gun if you go ahead and just deliver consistent bursts.

    – And you know Patrick and I are both a fan of the diopter sights that come on all the old HK.

    – Yeah I even have them on my SPR.

    – Yeah, on the old HK roller lock gun, a roller delayed blowback gun, and there’s a reason the MP5’s iconic and that’s because its, you know, people will still argue that its the best machine gun on the market and honestly, I’m almost inclined to agree with them.

    The close second would be a KRISS vector.

    We have a KRISS Vector coming for testing.

    I’d like to shoot em both side by side, the 9mm version of the Vector.

    – Hey, any excuse to shoot a machine gun’s a good excuse.

    – Yeah, absolutely.

    I think Steve said he’ll pay for all the ammo for that test right? No, that’s not gonna happen buddy. (laughs) – You didn’t get that email? I got that email.

    – No I didn’t get that email but anyways, that’ll be a cool test to do, yeah we love shooting this gun it’s a fantastic firearm. – Yeah, like Alex said though, we were very specific about it.

    I didn’t wanna include the widened fore end because, well, if you were about our age, you grew up playing Counter Strike and that’s just something that was a standard default thing on the MP5.

    – Or when you’re watching Die Hard and you see the MP5 and you’re like, “Wow what gun is that?” when you’re a kid.

    – Yeah, I mean its just been such a staple in the gun community for so long.

    And it’s such a joy to shoot. – Yeah absolutely.

    Even your wife shot it with us one day and she absolutely had a blast.

    – Yeah, she did. She shot it with a suppressor on it and it was the first machine gun she shot.

    – And she did very well. – Yeah, yeah.

    She couldn’t stop smiling for hours and hours and hours.

    – Absolutely guys, so the MP5, homerun.

    I mean it’s just a fantastic firearm.

    Next up, Patrick you want to take us out with this one? – I do. The M16A1.

    I’m choosing the A1 over the A2 or any of the other variations of it well, because honestly, its full M-F-er auto or whatever you wanna say. – There you go.

    – I think that’s what you were thinking.

    – That’s family friendly. – Yeah.

    The three round burst guns just aren’t as much fun to shoot, while they might make more sense on the battlefield, in an ammo conservation standpoint, this is just a lot more fun to take out to the range and put a bunch of lead down range.

    – Also it’s lighter, it’s got a lot smaller profile barrel.

    – It is, you know and honestly, I didn’t think it was gonna be as much fun shooting this gun as it was because it does look kind of old and dated in a younger guy’s mind. – The first time you wrap your hands around that triangular fore guard and just let it rip, its so much different than an M4.

    – It really really is, and we’ve shot a bunch of full auto M4s and M16s. – And they’re fun and awesome.

    – And for some reason I keep gravitating back towards this gun, it’s just such a joy to shoot.

    – And they’re accurate as can be.

    And it’s surprisingly accurate.

    But even Nathaniel F., when he came and visited, he’s our big AR-15 writer on the blog, he shot this one and I go, “Now do you understand “why the M16A1 is my favorite M16 AR-15” he’s like, “Yes I do”, they just shoot fantastically.

    – It’s such a wonderful gun. – Absolutely.

    And they still look modern and space age, its just such piece of Americana.

    The most American loadout possible like would have this gun almost and a ku-rand on your back and a Thompson.

    – Well I would argue that the ku-rands are probably more apt for the most American loadout ever, but the fact that this has been relevant for, what, 50 years now? 60 years? Something like that? – Pretty much.

    Your AR-15 at home is an outgrowth of this basically.

    – Right, and it’s just been such a fabulous firearm.

    – Absolutely. So anyways, that being said, M16A1 guys, homerun. We absolutely love this gun.

    We shoot it a lot, great machine gun.

    That being said, the next gun we have is kind of a competitor.

    Now, the reason we got the RPK-74 instead of just an AK-74 is because this RPK-74 is a factory built.

    – It’s a very nice milled gun.

    It’s very smooth and compares well with the M16A1 in terms of quality.

    – But the RPK-74, great thing about these is even though the 7N6 ban went through, ammunition is still cheap, commercial ammo is still inexpensive.

    – Right, I think it’s right around $210 per thousand.

    – Yeah, which is not bad at all.

    So we’ve taken this gun out.

    I’ve taken it to police demos, I’ve taken it to shoots with civilians, and you just open up a big box of ammo and just let people go, they have so much fun doing it, and you feel comfortable letting maybe inexperienced people shoot it because its so long and you got the bipod down that its not going to go off course or off target.

    – Right, and when we initially took this out to the range, I know that we started experimenting with how can we shoot this thing and remain accurate, and it got to the point where– – You know, this is gonna sound kind of goofy but we actually were shooting it from the hip and landing all of our shots on target.

    – Right, and I mean its got such a beautiful sickled grade to it.

    – Its got a great reducer in it too so its even slower than it would normally be.

    – Right, I mean its very smooth, it doesn’t beat you up, Alex and I kind of argued about this one.

    He chose this one because its a nice factory built gun and its very smooth, I preferred our hodgepodge Polish Tantal converter. – So yeah, realistically I wanna include just AK-74 in this category.

    The muzzle break on them is fantastic.

    They shoot a round that doesn’t generate much recoil.

    – True. – So, you know, you’re gonna have a lot of fun shooting an AK-74 as opposed to the 47 where it beats you up pretty good.

    – Yes. It feels like a bar fight.

    – It’s pretty tough yeah, you’ve been in probably more bar fights than I have when you were a bouncer for a while there.

    – Well, yeah I guess. – Unwillingly, unwilling participant. – Yeah, well…

    – Anyways, so this gun guys, if I honestly had to choose one machine gun that I could only shoot for the rest of my life, as funny as it sounds, if I could only have one caliber, it might be this gun.

    – I’m gonna have to disagree with you.

    I’d go with the M16A1. – Yeah, the M16 is also a good choice, they’re kind of competing on the same plane there as far as modern assault rifle type situation, but we could both agree they’re both tons of fun, and they’re gonna put a huge smile on your face regardless.

    – Yeah, absolutely, when we take this one out its a crowd pleaser, everybody loves it.

    – Oh man yeah, and you don’t feel guilty shooting.

    Five for five. – No, you don’t, not at all.

    – Doesn’t hurt your pocketbook.

    Alright guys, the last category is going to be another catch-all category that’s just going to be belt fed machine gun.

    The reason we chose generic belt fed machine gun is because there’s a whole bunch of them out there, they’re all gonna be fun to shoot, I mean with maybe one or two exceptions in there.

    But what we have on the table’s gonna be an M240 Bravo which is basically an FN MAG with some bells and whistles on it.

    – Yeah, something I do wanna touch on is that there is one– – Pull the handle back.

    – We know it was clear. – Yeah, we know it was clear, but it never hurts to check, but anyways guys, this is a 240 Bravo. A 240 Bravo is an amazing machine gun.

    It is a true machine gun in the lexical definition.

    You look up “What is a machine gun?”, and its a full sized caliber, this is a general purpose machine gun.

    I love the word general purpose machine gun because it makes it sound like you keep it next to your Ajax under your sink.

    A truly remarkable machine gun.

    US Ordinance did a test where they wanted to see if they could exceed the 8500 rounds before stoppage rate and it exceeded it by a factor four, which is absolutely incredible.

    – It’s an awesome gun, I am nothing but impressed with this.

    – A lot of people will chime in and say, “Well what about the PKM, isn’t that a better machine gun?” Well, according to a test I read, no.

    – I wanna say it was a test done by the Department of Defense as well wasn’t it? – I’m not 100% sure, I’m not gonna lie to you, but I know that it did not have the, it had a shorter malfunction, or a greater malfunction rate than this gun, than the FN MAG.

    Now of course its worth noting this is heavier.

    The PKM is an incredibly light machine gun and if it came to toting it around, PKM.

    – I think I would probably choose the PKM, yeah.

    – Yes, absolutely. – Well, to be truthful, I probably wouldn’t choose either.

    – If you were toting them around, no.

    – Right, when I was in the military, there was one unlucky guy that got to go ahead and carry some big heavy beast like this and I was grateful it wasn’t me.

    I did have some time on the 249 when I was in and I do wanna touch on that.

    That is just not one of my favorite guns to shoot.

    Yes, its a belt head machine gun, and yeah its in a great caliber, but it is really prone to malfunction, just ungainly and heavy.

    – So you got all the drawbacks of a belt fed almost without any of the positives.

    And that’s why they’re going to the M27-IAR you know nowadays they’re going different directions.

    – Yeah, they got the 240 Lima out now.

    – Yeah, the Lima, and the Mark 48 as well.

    – Right, yes. So they’ve recognized there was an issue there.

    But anybody that’s been in the service, you know what I’m talking about.

    At some point you had to go ahead and lug one of those big girls around.

    It’s less than awesome. – I can imagine that.

    I’ve never been in the service, but even carrying this gun from the car to the firing line its just like, “Wow, guys do this everyday”, that probably sucks.

    – We had a conversation a while back where you said, “If I had to have one gun, it would be “a general purpose machine gun”, and I challenged you to hog hunt with this.

    – Did I say that? – You did.

    – And I challenged you to carry this for one evening when we go hog hunting.

    – I’ll do that actually, I think I’ll call him on that.

    But, what we can both agree on is that its fun at the range. – Oh yeah, absolutely.

    – Goodness gracious. – It’s awesome.

    – And to be honest guys, a PKM for fun at the range, would probably be better because its cheaper to shoot, open a spam can 7.62 by 54r, go for it, that would be awesome.

    Unfortunately those are harder to come by in the states, so we have this on the table but its not like anybody said, “Oh you only have a 240 Bravo” (chuckles) We’re making due with the 240 Bravo for the next range outing.

    – (laughs) I think we might be able to make that happen.

    – But you know guys, thanks for watching this video.

    We really appreciate it, again, these are just kind of our thoughts on what we’ve experienced and enjoyed throughout the years.

    We’ve, between us, probably shot 100 machine guns or so, and a lot of these guns kind of seem basic, we got the AK, the M16, the MP5, a Glock, and just a belt fed.

    – They’ve got a dear place in my heart. I’d say that.

    – Yeah, absolutely.

    And I’d love to hold on to these for the rest of my life in my safe and just let that roll but that’s definitely not gonna happen, I think.

    – (laughs) Probably not, you gotta give some of them back.

    – Some of them gotta go back. – Yeah.

    But if you like what you see, go ahead and drop us a like, and if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future, post a comment below.

    – One thing I can promise is that we will be doing actual videos of these guns. – Yes, we will, we will.

    – So we got you taken care of there.

    – I’m excited about that. – Yeah, me too.

    I’m Alex C. – Patrick R.

    – Anyways, hit that subscribe button.

    Thanks for watching TFBTV.

    Alex C.

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