TFBTV: We Test The G36’s Alleged Accuracy Problems!

    The German government has claimed that the G36 service rifle suffers from severe accuracy problems after being heated up by as little as 4 magazines on full auto. We set out to try and see for ourselves how much the rifle’s POI shifts and how much the group size increases after some heavy use!

    The rifle was not supplied to us by H&K and the video was produced without their knowledge.

    For a comprehensive summary of the (in)accuracy problems, read Nathaniel F’s post on the subject here.



    Full transcript below …

    – Hey guys, this is Alex C. with

    Today we’ve got an HKG36K.

    These guns have made the news lately because the German government says they have a wandering point of impact.

    What we’re gonna do today is basically test it out, versus an M4 and see how bad it is, but first, I think we’re gonna have a little fun.

    (rapid gun fire) It’s gonna be a good day.

    (rapid gun fire) – That’s good stuff.

    – Alright guys, so here we’re gonna accuracy test the G36 before we heat it up.

    We’re gonna use good brass case stuff to shoot a 10 round group and then we’e gonna heat it up with steal cased ammo, because that’s a little easier on the pocket book, but then we’ll re- test the group size with 10 rounds of brass again.

    Now you’ll notice I’m wearing gloves and that’s because I intend for it to get very hot, so here we go.

    (semi automatic gun fire) Alright, let’s go down range and check that out.

    Alright guys, we’re down range after that group with the G36K and at about 50 yards, it grouped a one and a half, excuse me, one and a quarter inches, almost exactly according to the ruler on this multi- tool.

    So, that’s pretty decent for a short rifle with a 10 inch barrel, so we’re gonna heat it up, which will be fun and then we’ll do the same test and see what happens.

    Now’s the fun part.

    I’m gonna run two magazines on full auto and then Patrick’s gonna run two magazine’s on full auto and we’re gonna re- test, doing the same 10 round group, just like we did and see how much of a differences it makes.

    (rapid gun fire) (rapid gun fire) (rapid gun fire) (rapid gun fire) – Alright, now for the accuracy test.

    – Alright, so we just ran four mags and we hastily set up the camera to get this done real quick, so I’m gonna bang out a 10 round group.

    (gun fire) Alright, let’s go down range and check it out.

    Alright guys, so we shot a 10 round group, we shot four mags on full auto, and then another 10 round group to see if that made any difference and what we’re seeing is that it actually didn’t.

    I shot the exact same, if not a slightly better group.

    It could be a fluke, but it looks the exact same one and a quarter inches.

    You can see both targets have the same group in pretty much the same place.

    Now this is a 50 yard test, versus the (indistinguishable) claimed a hundred meters slash two hundred meter.

    I honesty thought the gun would deviate a lot more based on the reports, so maybe we’ll try again, but I don’t know.

    It’s kinda strange, isn’t it.

    So basically, since we didn’t see that much of a deviation between group size at 50 yards, we’d like to re do this test at a hundred yards and then maybe two hundred yards.

    You notice we didn’t shoot the M4, because since we didn’t see any variance, we didn’t want to wast any ammo on basically that test as well, so what we will do is re do this at a hundred yards and see if then we can confirm the reports that this has a wondering POI and a significant shift versus a gun like an M4.

    Anyways, subscribe and we’ll get that video done as soon as possible.

    Thanks for watching TFBTV.

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.