Glock Sued for Civil Racketeering & Malicious Prosecution (Again)

    Glock Inc. and a few of its attorneys are being sued by their former internal investigator, Jeffrey Pombert. Ironically, Pombert was employed by Harper’s Investigations who Glock hired to investigate and eliminate corruption. Previously, Pombert was charged with and had charges dropped on racketeering based on the alleged fabrication of evidence by Glock.

    The complaint names Glock Inc., Consultinvest (a wholly-owned Glock entity), and attorneys John Renzulli, James Dichert, and Robert Core specifically, but does not specifically name the Smyrna police officers who allegedly were co-conspirators. has posted up the full complaint on Scribd. Its an enticing read which, if true, shows systemic and purposeful deceit by the attorneys, local law enforcement, and Glock Inc. itself.

    Title photo courtesy of Daily Report and photographer John Disney. Hit the link to be taken to the full article at Daily Report, which outlines the history of the lawsuit in detail.

    This is the second suit filed against the company. The most notable is from Helga Glock, who has also filed in Federal court on civil racketeering.

    Nathan S

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