Wilson Combat Introduces The .308 “Super Sniper”

    Wilson Combat, maker of custom AR-15s and 1911s, has announced another entry into the .308 caliber AR world, the “Super Sniper”. From the press release:


    .308 SS (Super Sniper)

    Unmatched reliability meets pinpoint accuracy in the Wilson Combat .308 Super Sniper, the ultimate semi-automatic sharpshooting platform!

    Wilson Combat’s legendary, match grade barrel– the heart of the rifle– elevates it among its contemporaries as the top choice of long range accuracy seekers. The barrel is precision button rifled from 416-R stainless steel, then chambered and reverse crowned for exceptional accuracy. The 1-10” twist chosen for the Super Sniper delivers consistent results all the way to 1000 yards with a broad range of bullet weights.

    Our BILLet-AR machined aluminum upper and lower receivers have been designed and engineered to close tolerances. These allow for an ideal fit and a precisely bored bolt raceway for smooth operation.  Our exclusive Wilson Combat free-floating T.R.I.M rail is a comfortable and versatile handguard platform for mounting your favorite accessories.The .308 Super Sniper is available with a fluted or non-fluted barrel, a 12” or 14” T.R.I.M  rail length, and your choice of Tactical Trigger Unit and Armor Tuff finish colors.
    The Wilson Combat-Bravo Company Starburst Gunfighter Grip
    is one of the more comfortable and ergonomic grips available for the AR-15.  Easy installed with a large flat head screwdriver, this high quality grip has become one of the leaders in the AR-15 market in a very short time.This nearly unbreakable polymer construction has a comfortable, natural grip angle for dynamic shooting and molded Wilson Combat exclusive Starburst design pattern for a sure grip.  A water-resistant storage area is perfect for keeping lube or batteries.


    Wilson Combat has announced that the rifle is available at selected dealers now. 

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]