G2 Research Ripout Trident Round

    223 ripout

    G2 Research is now selling a new version of the Ripout Trident round in .223 Rem. The bullet used is an all copper bullet weighing 65 grains. Muzzle velocity is said to be 2,840 fps (no barrel length given).

    G2 research claims that the bullet expands to “nearly three times its original diameter” without breaking apart. Full expansion is said to happen within the first inch of flesh, yet still produces a long wound channel.

    The MSRP is $54.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

    From G2 Research:

    G2 Research announces a devastating new .223 round for hunting and tactical use. The new G2 Research .223 Ripout “Trident” Round produces a massive wound channel that helps hunters achieve accurate, sure, swift and quick kills.

    This new (and suppressor-friendly) round uses a fast-expanding, premium-grade copper alloy 65-grain bullet made by G2 Research in CNC machines.

    The Ripout brand Trident Round produces enormous hydrostatic shock and the bullet expands (or, more correctly, opens up) to a diameter of nearly three times its original diameter–and yet stays intact so the permanent wound channel is long as well as wide, resulting in incredibly quick kills.

    G2 bullets are precision machined one by one in highly specialized CNC machines and engineered to fully expand within the first inch of impact. This controlled expansion results in the opening of three large copper petals called tridents.

    The G2 Ripout Round accomplishes this expansion at a barrel-conserving 2,840 FPS velocity, yet the bullet shank remains attached to the now-expanded bullet petals for deep, controlled penetration.

    Richard Johnson

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