New SureFire Warcomp

    A sneak peak of the new SureFire Warcomp was posted by SoldierSystems recently. It’s a pretty interesting design in that it’s both a flash hider and a compensator. They’ll be available in both 5.56 and 7.62 versions and will function with the SureFire SOCOM Suppressor. Check it out in action below. Visit for more info.


    Billed as the world’s most shoot able flash hider, the new Warcomp-556 and Warcomp-762 from SureFire offers hybrid capability including barrel compensation.

    – Ported to allow rifle to track straight back, stay on target and allow faster follow up shots
    – Offers 99% flash reduction
    – Made from USA SS bar stock
    – IonBond DLC coated
    – Single point cut threads

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