Larue Drone DropAR

    Larue shows off their PredatOBR by air dropping it out of a Cessna.

    Larue 2

    To shoot down a drone, LaRue Tactical packaged a pre-sighted and disassembled PredatOBR rifle kit…then dropped it not once, but twice, from an aircraft. The first attempt bounced out of camera range, so the package was dropped a second time. Impact was onto rocky central Texas terrain bouncing high into the air.

    Acting as a friendly ground-asset in a hostile area, Todd Hodnett then retrieved and reassembled the 16″ 7.62 LaRue PredatOBR with NightForce 5-25 ATACR riflescope (mounted in a LaRue LT111 QD scope mount).

    Larue 3 Larue 4

    Todd then moved into hasty position and with the first pull of the trigger, shot down a DJI Inspire drone hovering at 203 yards. Todd then continued to engage several steel targets out to 437 yards until all simulated threats were eliminated.

    For those unfamiliar with the DJI Inspire drone, it is a $3k drone.

    Larue drone

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