Stryker Enterprises SCAR Enhancements

    Stryker Enterprises is a manufacturer of accessories for the FNH SCAR platform.



    One of their biggest enhancements is the SEAL (SCAR Enhanced Alloy Lower). It was originally designed for the SCAR 17S, but they have expanded to enhancing the SCAR16S. Similar to the HANDL lower, the SEAL allows the user to utilize AR-10/SR-25 magazines for the SCAR17S. The SEAL lower sells for $399.99

    MK 5 MOD 0 SEAL 3 Seal 4

    Here is a teaser video machining one of their lowers.




    Stryker has also gone to create new options for stocks on the SCAR platform. They are working on a long distance stock based off of the MK20 SSR. The S.O.B.A. (SCAR Optimized Buttstock Assembly) provides more cheek rest and length of pull adjustment for shooters who want to customize their stock for different shooting positions.

    SOBA left view SOBA right view


    Stryker is also working on a stock adapter to mount a ACR stock to a SCAR. There is not much information on this stock adapter but I look forward to its release.


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