Hogue LCR Grips

    Hogue grips

    Hogue is now selling a variety of new revolver grips for the Ruger LCR series. The new grips come in a number of different styles, colors and materials.

    For the enclosed hammer LCR revolvers, Hogue is now selling grips made of G10. Called the Extreme Series G10, these grips are available in 10 different color and texture patterns: from the solid black Piranha Grip to the smooth G-Mascus Blue. Smooth G10 grips retail for $59.95. The Piranha go for $20 more.

    Hogue grips

    Also available for the enclosed hammer LCR is the rubber Tamer grips. These grips come in two styles: with and without finger grooves. The version without the finger grooves is slightly longer, allowing for more hand on the gun. Black, pink and purple colors are available in both styles. The black grips are $26.95 while the pink and purple are $29.95.

    For the LCRx with the exposed hammer, the same rubber Tamer grips are available. They have the same MSRP.

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