Huntertown Kestrel 5.56 Suppressor Failure

    Here is a video of a catastrophic failure of a Huntertown Kestrel 5.56 Suppressor.


    And here is the aftermath.

    Kestrel fail 2


    Taking a look at Huntertown’s website I am curious if this is covered under their warranty. There is no mention of full auto fire.

    There is this :

    The Kestrel core is fully encased in an inner stainless steel wall. In the event of an internal baffle strike, the inner core is strong enough to capture the damaged projectile and baffle material, protecting the tube as much as possible against catastrophic failure.


    Here is their warranty:

    Huntertown Arms warranties its silencers for life. If you are doing something that you can imagine yourself being laughed at on YouTube, think twice and then don’t do it. Some examples of non-warranty claims:

    • Trying to fire .223 rounds through a .22 silencer.
    • Shooting a boosted silencer on a fixed barrel.
    • Not making sure the barrel is threaded properly and the silencer is on the host weapon all the way.
    • Putting the baffles in backwards.
    • Firing thousands of rounds without cleaning your silencer.
    • Using unlisted calibers (Check the specific suppressor’s webpage. Click here.)
    • Using on a barrel that is shorter than min. specification on product page (Check the specific suppressor’s webpage. Click here.)

    We reserve the right to add to the list above from time to time if we hear about new stuff anyone has done.

    Baffel and end cap strikes are NOT covered by warranty, as they occur due to forces outside of our control.

    We will repair or replace, free of charge, any silencer manufactured by Huntertown Arms, if damaged while being used as intended. Our warranty does not cover damage to the silencer and/or host firearm resulting from criminal or negligent use, improper or careless handling or installation, modifications, improper hand-loaded or reloaded ammunition, or neglect. You will be expected to pay for any repairs not covered by this warranty.

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