Browe BTO 4×32 gun sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    Released shortly before SHOT 2015 is the BTO (Browe Tactical Optic) by Browe Inc. It’s the forged 7075-T6 aluminum housing version of the BCO (Browe Combat Optic), which has a titanium housing. The new aluminum version has a lower price point while keeping the internals the same.

    I have reviewed the titanium version previously for another publication. The Browe optic is a competitor to the popular Trijicon ACOG. The similarity is not a coincidence since the company’s founder, Brian Browe, was formerly the Director of Operations at Trijicon.



    Besides the change of housing material to aluminum, the Browe BTO on the right has a integral mount base with the American Defense Manufacturing QD lever. Like the titanium BCO, the new aluminum BTO is also powered by a CR123 lithium battery. The average battery life is 2000 hours. From my previous review, the Browe sight has the best automatic illumination control I have even seen.



    The MSRP is $1250, which is $300 lower than the titanium version. The online price is around $1000-$1100, which makes it about $100~$200 cheaper than the Trijicon 4×32 ACOG model with QD mount. The Browe sight also has few advantages over the ACOG in that it’s battery powered with a very effective self-adjusting reticle¬†brightness control. The Browe’s sight housing is machined to take common size lens caps. The Browe BTO is both lighter and slimmer than the ACOG LED, the battery powered version of the ACOG 4×32.



    A better picture of the original Browe BCO sight, the one with titanium housing, from my previous article. The Browe BCO and BTO are available in factory custom duracoat colors such as the FDE shown in the images.



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