Before #CostaGate2015 There Was Japanese Manga Chris Costa

    Before Chris Costa strutted his stuff in Japan, in the now infamous #costagate2015, Chris Costa was already famous in Japan. Back when he was working with Travis Haley at Magpul Dynamics, a Japanese publication company immortalized Costa and Haley in a small Japanese Manga. For those who are not familiar with the art form, “Manga” is a form of comic in Japan.  In an issue of ARMS Magazine, there was a small insert guide pamphlet detailing Magpul Dynamics’ techniques and instructors Chris Costa and Travis Haley.

    The small manga was illustrated by Shin Ueda, a famous Manga artist who specializes in military illustrations.

    Please excuse the poor quality images. I only had these old scans on hand.

    The image below shows Chris Costa with a segmented circle around him. In Japanese Katakana it says “Workspace”. Clearly illustrating one of Costa’s teachings.





    In this illustration, Shin Ueda is conveying the proper Magpul Dynamics stance.Costa extended



    Ueda further illustrates and highlights the infamous c-clamp grip made popular by Chris Costa and Travis Haley while working at Magpul.Costa extended 2 Extended hand



    Here are the scans of the pamphlet.01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

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