Keep Calm and Carry On: The Ruger No.1 is not going away

    A cryptic message on the Ruger website about discontinuing Ruger No.1 calibers, along with the fact that they removed all listings for the rifle with the exception of a Lipsey’s special edition Ruger No.1 in .45-70 lead a number of our readers to jump to the conclusion that the No. 1 had been discontinued. The website, along with the fact that the Ruger No.1 is a very niche product, lead me to believe that Ruger was indeed axing the product line. But fear not! I spoke to Ruger and they have confirmed that their classic single shot rifle is here to stay. The company is in the process of revamping the product line and will update the website as soon as this is complete.

    The much loved Ruger No. 1 has been in production for 47 years. During this time it has been chambered in everything from the .22 Hornet small varmint cartridge to the .458 Winchester Magnum safari round capable of taking Elephant. It may be a single shot round but the falling block action is exceptionally reliable and strong. A competent hunter can reload relatively fast using the classic safari cartridges-between-the-knuckle technique as demonstrated in the video below:

    Steve Johnson

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