Salient Arms International SHOT Show 2015

    At Media Day at the Range, SAI showed off their new products for 2015. Specifically their AR 2.0 Jailbreak and their new pistol, from the ground up, SAI BLU.

    First up is the Jailbreak AR. The Jailbreak is a muzzle device that is quick detach. Their prototype at the range was threaded with detents. However they mentioned that they will be changing the design to a 1/4 turn to remove the Jailbreak. The Jailbreak helpsĀ stops heat blast and concussion for compensators and can be used with most muzzle brakes. With the removal of the Jailbreak you can attach your suppressor.


    Photos are by the Defcon Group.

    Jailbreak Jailbreak 3 Jailbreak 2



    On top of the QD muzzle device, SAI made their rail QD as well. And it holds zero.

    Jailbreak 1



    Iain Harrison gets a little trigger time on the SAI AR without the Jailbreak.


    The next product SAI is bringing out is their BLU pistol. It is built from the ground up. Most noticeable is the brass backstrap insert. They are currently taking orders for the BLU and it retails for $2,800.

    SAI BLU 1


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