At least he had taste…

    A man in Texas is being charged with wire fraud after going on a spending spree and spending over 300,000 dollars on a company credit card, over 20,000 dollars was on seventeen firearms. Taking a look at the list of the firearms purchased, at least he had taste…

    TurboCare, Inc., a subsidiary of the engineering company Siemens AG, employed Hoang and issued Hoang the credit card for business expenses, but failed to retrieve the card after firing him in August 2012 for insubordination and missing work.

    Around July 2013, Hoang started using the TurboCare AMEX card and bought 17 guns. In the following month, TurboCare discovered the fraudulent purchases and cut off the card.

    According to the indictment, Hoang committed fraud by misleading merchants into believing he was authorized to use the credit card, but he was not.

    If convicted, Hoang faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a possible $250,000 fine on each count, in addition to forfeiture of the property.

    This was also covered on the FBI’s website, in addition to a Department of Justice website.


    This is an apparent list of the firearms purchased. He certainly knows how to pick quality firearms, seeing how many H&Ks and Noveske’s are on the list. I also think he prefers the larger diameter in the .45 versus 9 debate…


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