Gunzilla, a Non-Toxic Alternative CLP

    One of the cool things about SHOT is that you have the opportunity to see a bunch of competing products in the same category all in the same venue with the actual reps. Gunzilla was one of several “cleaning” product vendors, and was on my list.

    Gunzilla has a CLP product advertised as “contains no hazardous chemicals, is non-flammable, and non-corrosive” (EDITED: MSDS card here–thanks Stephen). While I was at the booth, there was a pretty constant stream of people coming by to thank the owner or to otherwise extol the product. I do like the idea that it is made from natural ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, there is something nostalgic about the smell of Hoppe’s #9, but I’ve always thought that stuff has to be toxic.

    Gunzilla states that their product doesn’t contain any acids or other chemicals that could etch the metal of your gun parts, so it is safe to leave on (though you should completely wipe it down), and will clean off the “carbon, copper, lead, rust, black powder and plastic particles (from shotgun sabots/wads)”. It leaves a dry coating behind which operates as a lubricant (and also a protectant). They cite a firing test where the temperature was measured with and without Gunzilla, and it showed a 53 degree reduction with the supposition that it was from reduced friction. That is a pretty substantial reduction. It is also rated to not freeze above -50F (though there was no mention of increased viscosity at low temps).


    I understand that most shooters have their “favorite” product and all others are “inferior” for some reason or another… 🙂 That said, have any of you had a positive (or negative) experience with Gunzilla? I’m personally willing to give it a try (I’m currently on the SLiP2000 train). I’ve watched some of the “comparison” videos on Youtube and my thought is that those are really only a demonstration of long term storage results and don’t really address friction or cold.

    They have a Facebook page at:

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