Rigel Products Introduces a Bore Brush for Cables

    We did a review on Rigel Products’ Boresmith in 2013. This year they are bringing something new to their product line–a Jag Brush for cables, in response to demand from dealers and customers.

    The male end of the brush has an 8/32 thread that will fit standard cables. Aside from that, it behaves like their standard system. A patch is punctured at the pointed tip of the connector, which is then pulled over the connector.

    I can attest that pushing the patch through the barrel was smooth. And then it is possible to pull the patch back through the barrel (a very nice feature, IMHO). You get more use out of the patch and it is faster than going only in one direction (I know there are some schools of thought that recommend only going in one direction).


    Have any of you used their products recently? I’m definitely interested in trying the triangle patches out.

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