Holosun Red Dots

    Holosun has a small red dot that is very similar in style and size to the Aimpoint T1 but at a fraction of the cost.

    The HS403C is a 2MOA LED red dot. It is parallax free and has a run time of 50,000 hours. On top of that the HS403C has a built in solar panel for dual power options. The solar panel will run the optic and auto dim the red dot due to ambient light. At a 20 lumen threshold you need to turn the red dot on manually.  The battery has been repositioned under the optic. There is a side door to access the battery. The Holosun does not use a large brightness knob on the side of the optic. The Holosun has a + and – buttons that are flush with the optic housing. With out a battery/power knob there is no longer a battery case to obsure your vision. The reticle can be changed from a red dot to an Eotech style circle reticle. Just like the T2, the HS403C is NV compatible. They make some of these T1 mount compatible and they come with a low and high mount.

    The HS403C retails for $249.99

    Edit: The HS503C is the one with dual reticle. The HS403C is dual power but only a single dot.

    IMG_9375 IMG_9376    IMG_9380



    They also make a MRDS with a solar panel. Retails is about $235. It has similar features to the HS403C such as solar panel and a side removable battery. It does not have a dual reticle like the HS403C.

    IMG_9390 IMG_9391


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