Magpul Grip Core Lube Bottle

    You know the little storage compartments in Magpul’s MOE and MIAD line of grips? I admit I never really keep anything in there even though I have Magpul grips on all my ARs and on my new M70 AK. Magpul actually has different core inserts for their grips that hold various spare parts such as a CR123A battery, AA/AAA battery or an AR bolt and firing pin. They’ve got a new grip core they’ve just released that actually holds a little 1/2 oz. lubrication bottle. It’s reusable and retails for $14.95 and fits Magpul’s MIAD Gen 1.1 (it actually comes with the bottle core already), MOE, MOE+, MOE K2, MOE K2+, MOE-AK, and MOE-AK+ grips.

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