Ruger Elite 451/452 Trigger

    Ruger Elite 452 Trigger

    Ruger is now selling a trigger upgrade for the AR-15 type rifle. Called the Elite 452, the two-stage trigger is a fully assembled kit in a polymer dry fire housing that includes a new grip, hammer spring, safety selector, and all of the needed pins, screw to mount the grip and springs.




    The polymer dry fire housing allows the potential customer to try the trigger first before buying it. It’s also helpful to the person installing a trigger for the first time since you can see exactly how the unit is put together.

    While Ruger doesn’t refer to this trigger as a match unit it certainly feels like one. Trigger break is very crisp with almost no takeup. I’m leaving it in the AR I tested it in.

    The 451 trigger unit is a single stage while the 452 is a two stage.

    Among the benefits of this unit claimed by Ruger are:

    • 30% faster lock time
    • smooth pull
    • crisp 4.5 pound break
    • Checked with my trigger pull gauge approximately six times and got a pull of 3.5 pounds.

    • safe for dry firing & can be used as a training tool

    Ruger states that this unit will fit any modern sporting rifle (aka AR-15) rifle that has 0.154″ trigger and hammer pins.

    The MSRP on the unit is $159.95.

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