Shockwave Technologies ZMAG for M11/9mm Subguns

    Good news for M11/9 owners looking for affordable magazines! Shockwave Technologies has released its ZMAG for the Cobray M11/9 submachine gun. These guns, though affordable (by registered machine gun standards) suffer from problematic and aging Zytel magazines. Shockwave’s Marty Ewer explains:

    We just recently released the ZMAG for the M-11/NINE. As you might be aware, the biggest hindrance to the M-11/NINE (9mm) and the M11-A1 (the .380 version that originally shipped with Zytels) platform has always been the crappy Zytel magazines. Several people over the years have tried to adapt magazines from other firearms to fit and function in the M11 platform–with various degrees of success. Our tiny company (essentially my wife and I) have recently introduced the ZMAG to the market. It’s a purpose-built metal magazine for the M11 platform. You can read more about it on our website at: It’s been a big hit at We’re seeing essentially a 100% success rate in use. (In the spirity of full disclosure, there have been a handlful of customers with guns just too wildly out of spec that have had fitment issues. But for 97% of people, the ZMAGs fit perfectly, drop free, and work wonderfully.) I thought perhaps if you guys blogged about it, we might reach more people than just those who frequent uzitalk.

    As a “practical” machine gun, the M11/9 can be given a new lease on life with Lage Mfg slow-fire upper receivers. If the ZMAGs live up to their manufacturer’s enthusiasm, then those two items could be a very good combination indeed.




    Nathaniel F

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