Navy Arms New 1873 Models and AK Mags

    Anyone here going to SHOT? If so, you’ll be able to see a couple of offerings from Navy Arms (and really, hundreds of other vendors).

    We published an article in October about the 1873 line. Well, this spring, Navy Arms is going to have a couple of new variants in high-polished blue and high-polished plum. If you haven’t had a chance to see these in person (and you are “in” to this kind of rifle, or do SASS), I suggest you find one–they are very nicely done. And if you are going to SHOT, you can see them at the Navy Arms booth (#11946).


    The OTHER awesome product they have are the Gibbs/Matra 20 and 30 round Steel AK47 Magazines (MSRP $18.95). Tough as nails and a great warranty.  At SHOT they are going to have a special deal at $10.99/magazine in a case of 50 mags.

    The following link is to a video of an APC driving over the magazines and then a function test:

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