New Charter Arms Pink Lady

    Pink Lady

    Charter Arms is offering a new version of the Pink Lady revolver with a 4.2″ barrel. The gun is a five-shot revolver chambered in .38 Special and is +P rated.

    Currently, Charter Arms offers a Pink Lady as part of its Undercover Lite line, but that gun is fitted with a 2″ barrel. Other than the longer barrel, the two handguns are very similar. The new gun weighs in at only 13 ounces – only one ounce heavier than its shorter sister.

    Pink Lady

    These guns have a pink frame with a stainless finish on the cylinder, barrel and other metal parts.

    Grips are a full-size hard rubber. The sights are fixed with a ramp front and notch rear. The guns do have an exposed hammer for single action shots.

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