M&P Pistols Shotgunning Ammo

    Chris Costa posted this on his Facebook page.

    The past few handgun classes I’ve taught I’ve seen a quality issue with Smith an Wesson M&P handguns. This is the 3rd gun in 9mm I’ve seen shotgun the target at 7 yards. Barrels are breaking apart at the crown an numerous malfunctions. No mods were done to the weapons an all 3 were newer weapons with less than 500 through them, so keep a watchful eye.

    Ammo was a combination of Fed, CCI, and PMC.

    No pictures of the actual guns but here is the target that it shot at.

    Chris costa M&P 2 Chris costa M&P



    This is obviously not an epidemic but something to look out for. I am sure S&W will fix the problem. Have any of our readers had these issues?

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