Handi-Racker Pistol Assist Device

    The Handi-Racker is a tool to help people rack the slide of their pistols. It is a block of plastic that fits over the muzzle end of the slide. It is channeled to press against the front of the slide and allow the barrel to protrude forward. By placing the Handi-Racker on the pistol, you put the Handi-Racker against a hard surface and push the frame of the pistol forward. They market this for elderly shooters and novice shooters who do not have enough finger strength to rack a pistol. There are some methods that a shooter can do to get the best mechanical advantage. But if those methods do not work for someone, this product may help them.


    Guns America did a review and highlighted a more practical use than everyday racking a pistol. Clearing a bad jam. My friend had a similar problem with his Glock 35. The round would not go into battery and it was very difficult to extract the round. We were finally able to clear the jam and inspected the round. The new brass casing he was using were bulged and did not fit in the chamber. If he had a Handi-Racker, it would have been a LOT easier to clear that jam.

    handi racker 2


    The Handi-Racker sells for $24.99. They have different models for an array of pistols.

    Small: Keltec P3-AT,Ruger LCP, S&W Body Guard 380 and more.

    Medium: Keltec PF9, Ruger LC9, Kahr CW9, Bersa 380 and more.

    Large: Most Glocks, Springfield XD & XDM’s, S&W M&P’s, 1911’s and more.

    X-Large: 45 cal Glocks, Springfield 45 XD & XDM’s, S&W M&P’s45, Hi-Point 45’s and more

    As well as a Beretta and clone model.

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