AAC’s Honey Badger to come to market

    Good news for those looking for the strong, silent type: MilitaryTimes Gear Scout reports that AAC is bringing the Honey Badger suppressed .300 Blackout PDW to market:

    The Honey Badger is coming, and this [TFB author’s note: Referring to the title image of this article] is what it might look like. Remington Outdoor Company Tactical Accessories Director Jeff Still and Senior Product Manager for silencers, Carlos Martinez confirmed Advanced Armament will bring the Honey Badger to the commercial market. They hinted at a release around the 2015 NRA annual show, but didn’t offer a price or an exact configuration. They did show the semi-auto version of the 300 AAC Blackout carbine shown above with AAC’s new Squaredrop handguard, though. The new handguard attaches to the barrel nut using a turnbuckle.

    While I didn’t shoot this version, I did run the Gunsite Scrambler a few times using an earlier version sporting the Remington Accessory Hand Guard equipped with Magpul’s MBUS Pro folding iron sights. The gun ran like a champ in semi-auto, and had no issues digesting a mag with the selector in the third position.

    The Honey Badger is a spiritual successor to the MP5-SD integrally suppressed submachine gun, though it is chambered for the much more powerful .300 AAC Blackout round. It features a special upper receiver, as well as its own proprietary receiver extension and collapsing buttstock. Named for the ratel of Africa, an animal known for ferociousness not in proportion to its size (and for being the subject of a certain YouTube video), the Honey Badger made waves on the Internet soon after photos were released in late 2011.

    No word yet on pricing or availability.

    Note from Phil: We had some good hands on time with the earlier model of the Honey Badger last week. In fact I’ve shot it a good deal over the last year. Katie A will have a full review and range evaluation in the next few days.

    Nathaniel F

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