Bersa BP380 Now Available On US Market

    Bersa has introduced its first polymer-framed .380 ACP handgun to the US market. From the press release:

    Wanamassa, N.J. – Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Metro Arms, Bersa, Comanche and Grand Power firearms products, is pleased to introduce to the U.S. market the BP380 Concealed Carry.

    The BP380 CC is Bersa’s first polymer-frame pistol in the .380-caliber and is specifically designed for concealed carry personal protection. The BP380 CC provides the firepower and accuracy needed to stop a would-be attacker yet its thin, light and compact size wears as a comfortable conceal carry.

    Bersa has redefined what a concealed carry pistol is in the BP380CC. Instead of building around a subcompact frame like most concealed carry pistols, the BP380 CC has a full grip that allows for a positive four-finger hold and less felt recoil.

    The pistol features a textured grip, a light, crisp and short trigger pull and interchangeable dot-sights. The full-size grip provides a higher carrying capacity than most subcompacts with an 8+1 capacity. While the BP380 CC is more accurate, easier to shoot and offers a larger magazine capacity than other subcompact pistols, it remains as thin and compact as ever at only .94 of an inch wide and 6.35 inches long.

    The Bersa BP380 CC is made using cutting-edge manufacturing processes, the finest quality materials and truly reflects the performance, quality and durability that Bersa has built its highly esteemed reputation on.

    The Bersa BP380 CC is available in a matte black or duotone finish. Every Bersa BP380 CC comes with the Bersa lifetime service contract. MSRP starts at $430.00.

    Bersa BP380 Concealed Carry Specifications:

    Model: BP380CC
    Caliber: .380
    Action: Short reset DAO
    Capacity: 8+1
    Barrel Length: 3.3″
    Front Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer #8
    Rear Sight: Interchangeable GLOCKĀ® rear sight
    Finishes: Matte Black or Duotone
    Grips: Integral to frame
    Construction: Hi Impact Polymer Frame/Steel Slide
    Safety: Integral Locking System, Firing Pin, Trigger
    Weight: 21.5 oz.
    Length: 6.35″
    Height: 4.8″
    Width: .94″
    MSRP: $430.00

    The BP 380 CC is the .380 ACP version of their BP 9 CC handgun. According to Bersa’s website, the 380 CC handgun is exactly the same size and weight as their 9mm and .40 S&W models, meaning it’s most likely the same handgun rechambered for .380 (as opposed to being scaled down). I’ve found Bersa firearms to be acceptably made at a budget price. My biggest complaint with the Bersa Thunder handguns I’ve been exposed to has been the inclusion of a magazine safety; I see no mention of such a safety in the press release.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]