New Walther PK380 Pistols

    PK380 Cheetah

    Davidson’s announced two new Walther PK380 pistols designed for “just plain fun.” One has a cheetah print frame, while the other has a red tiger stripe frame.

    While these finishes are not for everyone, they illustrate the growing trend of customization in the firearms industry. Customization has become one of the major industry influencers, and those companies who learn how to meet the individual customer’s wants will likely experience a great deal of success.

    PK380 red

    At one time, Henry Ford sold only black cars. His company now sells cars of many colors, and both the company and the consumer are better off for it.

    A few companies cautiously tried pink and OD colored guns. Those experiments away from black have seen varying degrees of success, and now many companies are offering non-black finishes from robin eggshell blue to Muddy Girl camo patterns.

    Richard Johnson

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