‘IRA group’ release pictures of improvised grenade launcher used in latest attack

    The Editor says: These photos were released by terrorists and are propaganda. We only post terrorist propaganda photographs if I am convinced that they depict firearm technology or proliferation that is of significant educational interest to readers of the blog. Unlike mainstream media we do not indiscriminately distribute terrorist propaganda to generate website traffic.

    As I reported earlier on the ARES blog, a new IRA splinter group has released pictures of the improvised grenade launcher used to attack a PSNI vehicle in North Belfast last week. Interestingly, the crudely welded together device appears to use a very common Makita brand cordless impact driver as some sort of trigger unit, minus the battery for photogenic purposes.



    This latest development seems to be keeping in line with the Provisional IRA’s weaponizing of household items, previously culminating in the explosive baked-bean tin launching, digestive biscuit slinging ‘PRIG’ launcher.