TAC-CON Pro Video Released for Raptor and 241 Trigger

    As you might have seen, a few weeks back I was in Phoenix, AZ visiting with TAC-CON and talking about their two new triggers.  The Raptor for the AK platform and the 241 for the AR platform.  Just like their first well produced video that shook the firearms community last year, this video is well produced and highlights the new trigger systems.  Although it does favor the 241 trigger far more heavily.

    Not being the biggest fan of the AK platform, I was much more excited to shoot the 241 to it’s limits and get the most out of that trigger system.  Being a precision shooter myself, I have a tremendous amount of respect for a well made trigger. While in Phoenix, the trigger that I shot was very well done and the two-stage trigger was just as good as any two stage trigger that I have shot.

    Stay tuned, there should be a good professional video of the media event soon.

    Here is their new video, another greaet video done by Lear Miller Photography.