CZ Scorpion Evo3 2015 Import

    According to Gunners Vault, rumor has it that Česká zbrojovka (CZ-USA) will be importing the Scorpion Evo3 next year. Currently it is only available as a SBR for MIL/LE. I wait with bated breath to see one at Shot Show 2015.

    MSRP will supposedly be $850 and will be released as a Pistol without the stock. Hopefully this happens and someone clever makes an adapter to use a SB15 Sig Brace on it.

    I got a chance to shoot one last July when I was in the Czech Republic. I could not stop grinning while shooting it. The Evo3 is a really fun gun to shoot. Half way into the video below is where I shoot the Evo3.


    Update: CZ-USA sent us the correct MSRP which is $850. Much better than the previously thought $1850.

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