Keltec CMR30 Draws Nearer

    Oleg Volk posted a public release on According to Oleg, Keltec is ramping up for a massive release later this year. Supposedly several thousand will be released. Many of you and I have been waiting for the carbine version of the PMR30. Keltec changed the name from RMR30 to the CMR30 to avoid any confusion in names with Trijicon’s sight.


    I had posted earlier that, at SHOT 2014, my contact at Keltec had informed me that the CMR30 will be released this year. It seems his prediction was correct.

    According to Oleg, the rifle is very light at just under 3 lbs. He also says that the CMR30 is pure blowback compared to the hybrid delayed blowback mechanism of the PMR30. However this does not affect extraction of the long 22wmr casing.

    He does mention two limitations. The stock is not very robust and the stock sling loops are small and probably require paracord. for slings.




    It seems like a rather accurate and a fun little gun. It will be a great pairing with the PMR30. As Oleg points out, the CMR30, a holstered PMR30, and a spare magazine on the belt provides a shooter with 90 rounds on demand.

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