TNVC Releases Quad Output LID-DBAL Pistol Light/Laser/IR

    The Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) has released their new LDI-DBAL light and laser system. The system is categorized as a “Class 1” laser, meaning it is legal for civilians to own. The DBAL comes with a plethora or outputs:

    The Dual Beam Aiming Laser – Pistol (DBAL-PL) from Laser Devices / Steiner is a multi-functional pistol aiming laser.  Easily and securely attaching to any pistol with an M1913 Picatinny Rail, it features four (yes 4) outputs: Infrared Laser Pointer + Infrared LED Illuminator and Visible Laser Pointer (available in either red or green) + LED White Light.  All IR functions are completely eye-safe / Class1.  The DBAL-PL gives users the most functional pistol aiming accessory available.

    The housing is machined 6061-T4 aluminum and is waterproof to 5 meters. Manufactured by Laser Devices, Inc. / Steiner, the DBAL is only 5.4 ounces. It runs off of two CR123A batteries and has a rated battery life of 1.75 hours.

    It is available for $779 (red visible laser) or $899 (green visible laser) on TNVC’s website. 


    Specs Below:

    • Manufacturer:Laser Devices, Inc. / Steiner
    • Dimensions:3.46”(L) x 1.63”(W) x 1.32”(H)
    • Weight:5.4 oz. (w/ Battery)Housing:Aircraft Aluminum 6061T-6
    • Finish:Hard Anodized
    • Power:Two (2) CR123A Batteries
    • Battery Life:1.75 Hours
    • Waterproof:5 meters
    • Warranty:3 Years
    • Infrared Laser Spec:—————————————————-
    • IR Laser Class:Class 1IR Laser Output:0.7 mW (Eye Safe)
    • IR Laser Divergence:<0.8 mRadIR Laser
    • Wavelength:850 nmIR
    • Laser Range:Approx. 250 Yards
    • Visible Laser Spec:—————————————————-
    • Visible Laser Class:IIIR Red or Green
    • Visible Laser Output:4.6 mW
    • Visible Laser Divergence:<0.8 mRad
    • Visible Laser Wavelength:635 nm (Red), 515-525 nm (Green)
    • Visible Laser Range:250m / 5m (Night / Day – Red), 750m / 15m (Night / Day – Green)
    • IR Illuminator Specs:—————————————————-, Class 1 (Eye Safe)
    • IR Illuminator Output:<600 mWIR
    • Illuminator Divergence:18°IR
    • Illuminator Wavelength:850 nmIR
    • Illuminator Range:100 m
    • White Light Spec:—————————————————-
    • Output:400 Lumens
    • Includes:DBAL-PL Module, Operator’s Manual, Batteries
    Nathan S

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