Rare Soviet Bullpup

    Jerry Miculek posted this picture on his facebook page. It is a TKB-022PM. It boggles my mind how the round is chambered and fired. There doesn’t seem to be any room behind the magazine for anything mechanical to operate.

    According to Wikipedia:

    The weapons were gas operated with annular gas piston located around the barrel and a vertically moving bolt, which made it possible to minimize the length of the receiver group. A U-shaped rammer/extractor was used to chamber and extract the cartridge by pushing it into the chamber where after discharge was pulled back from the chamber and again, upon feeding the new cartridge, pushed forward and slightly up into an ejection tube above the barrel where finally exiting above the muzzle. Due to this ejection mechanism it was possible to fire from both right and left arm positions.

    Here is a video of other rare Soviet bullpups. (it is more like a slide show)

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