LaserLyte Red Center Mass Sporting a Tan


    LaserLyte announced the Red Center Mass Laser is now available with a tan colored body. LaserLyte stated the unit housing is made of tan-colored, injection molded polymer, not simply a painted version of the existing black-bodied Center Mass.

    According to the company, this is a more durable solution to adding a new color option to the line. A painted laser could scratch or flake.

    The Center Mass uses a lens over a single red laser to split the beam into nine beams: one center plus eight configured in a rough circle around the center beam. The size of the circle grows at a rate of one inch per yard traveled. For example, at 10 yards, the circle would be about 10″ in diameter.

    LaserLyte originally marketed the Center Mass system for shotguns, and has since expanded that to other firearms.

    This model will run for about 2.5 hours of constant use. It mounts to any Picatinny-style rail with at least 1″ of space. It has an MSRP of $149.95.

    This video shows the larger versions of the Center Mass used on shotguns and rifles:

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