Truth About Stopping Power

    Cowan of Breech Bang Clear wrote a very intriguing article about Stopping Power. It is actually a good article about the anatomy and the importance of knowing how it works with regards to bullet placement.


    Caliber, it is said, is not as important as round placement and penetration

    Cowan repeatedly reminds the reader that the major problem with using ballistic data to support bullet choice is that accurate measurements cannot be taken. Every anecdotal evidence of bullet trauma has so many variables, that you cannot compare them together.

    Cowan provides a basic anatomy lesson and stresses upon the importance of understanding how the body works so as to best shut it down. He talks about the big three targets in order of importance. The brain, chest, and pelvis. It is a great read and hopefully you will learn something from it.


    It’s time to stop talking hardware and start talking about breaking the bad guy’s software. The best way to break his software is to remove its ability to function.


    To read the article in it’s entirety click here.

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