Hog Hunting With a KRISS Vector SDP

    KRISS Arms Facebook Page posted up a customer’s hog hunt photos.

    Here is what they posted;

    Now this is awesome. Our customer Todd did some Father & Son hunting recently and managed to bag himself a pretty nice bit of Bacon using his Kriss Vector. – BW

    “I believe this is the biggest pig ever taken with a KRISS.
    We spotted it at about 800yds with thermal. Then got down wind and started moving in on him, we got about 8yds from him when I let the first round go. I put 6 or 7 rounds in him in 2 seconds and he dropped about 3yds from us. We were shooting 230gr Jhp and fmj staggered in the magazine. The pig was 440lbs.”

     From the pictures, it looks like they used a Vector SDP with a suppressor. Rather impressive hog they took down with a short barreled pistol Vector.


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